Jackie de Botton, Executive Director

Brazilian Business Entrepreneur, Jackie de Botton, has been involved with WASTE LAND from the beginning, helping to coordinate the co-production between Brazil and the UK, and using her international contacts to help structure the film’s finance. Since the film’s success, Jackie and her company ATTB have taken the role as Tiaõ’s personal manager as he travels the world creating awareness of the work of the ACAMJG and helping to improve the lives of thousands of people who live and work in the garbage.

Jackie has also founded and developed several companies and projects in fashion, art, music and film. She founded ‘OEstudio’, set up Tedx in Brazil and co-branded the Osklen fashion wear with Brazilian Department Store Riachuelo. Jackie has also worked at Endeavor and the World Economic Forum in Davos.

With an enviable network of contacts, as well as clients that include C&A, Fiat, Havaianas, Davos, Osklen, Olympikus and Castrol, and her expertise in branding, marketing and fundraising, Jackie de Botton has become one of the top young businesswomen in Brazil.